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The SHIKAR Lightweight Climbing Sticks & Saddle Hunting Steps

Introducing the lightest, most packable tree stand climbing stick on the market! The SHIKAR lightweight climbing sticks are designed specifically for the run and gun bow hunter!

Why is the SHIKAR the best lightweight climbing stick? Weighing only 24oz, the SHIKAR is the new standard in lightweight climbing sticks. With 90 degree rotating standoffs, you can mount them on any tree making saddle hunting a breeze.

Download SHIKAR Climbing Sticks Instruction Manual 

Looking for a specific configuration of the SHIKAR lightweight climbing sticks? Give us a call and customer order yours today! (580)-541-3794

LIGHTWEIGHT Climbing Sticks

Weighing at only 24oz (Climbing Stick) they're the lightest climbing sticks the industry has to offer. You'll barely notice the weight on your pack.

VERSATILE Saddle Hunting Sticks

The “SHIKAR” is setting new standards in both Compatibility and Function. With the ability to rotate standoffs up to 90 degrees, you can mount them on any tree making your tree selection for saddle hunting a breeze.

SHIKAR Tree Stand Climbing Stick Specifications

  • 100% American Made
  • Each stick weighs 24oz (without attachment method)
  • 300LB weight rating
  • 17 1/8 inches step to step
  • Offered in both single and double steps
  • Double step sticks are 27” when folded
  • Single step sticks are 23” when folded
  • Width of steps are 4.5” to center of stick
  • Rugged no slip design on steps
  • Each stick has a built-in aider attachment hole located at the bottom of the stick
  • Variety of attachment methods available
  • Optional platform available (The Scout) adds only 8oz to the stick.

Advantages Of Saddle Hunting

  • Extremely Lightweight Tree Saddles: Tree Saddles are lightweight, making you more mobile. Perfect for the Public Land Owner! Our new lightweight saddle hunting steps make climbing a breeze too. At 24 ounces, we offer some of the lightest saddle hunting steps on the market.
  • Little to no noise: With a tree saddle, you don’t get the noise typically associated with pulling up tree stands. 
  • Hunters Safety: While there have been lots of hunters who have fallen from conventional tree stands, when saddle hunting you are tethered to the tree from the moment you leave the ground until you step back on it after the hunt, making it almost impossible to fall.
  • Affordable: While some of our saddle hunting platforms may be a tad more expensive than some traditional tree stands, you only need 1 saddle hunting platform. Gone are the days of needing multiple stands for multiple sets. Save time and money saddle hunting.

Best Of Show Archery Trade Association


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Warranty Information
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56 Reviews
  • 4
    Shikar sticks

    Published by 50calpeephole on 18th Sep 2020

    This'll be a limited review- I'm a first time saddle hunter and my harness isn't in yet so I've had limited time to safely use them.

    The sticks themselves are well machined and the surface coating is well done, all edges except the actual stick and versa button are nice and sharp for extra grip. Sadly, the textured finish makes for some awkward fitting issues in the notch for the step when placed properly (there is a notch cut into the step that lines up with the stick itself to stop rotation of the step). The finish on both parts can cause some binding, the sticks ship with oil applied- some people complain that oil smells horrible- I worked in a photo lab for years so either I can't smell it or it's fine. I'd suggest to mitigate this just use some mineral oil.

    Not a lot else to say. I went without straps in favor of amsteel rope mod. I do wish out on a limb would create some sort of carry system- perhaps a rubberized set of fingers that pinch grip the sticks to keep them together such that they can pull right off.

    Only reason I don't give the product 5 stars is I don't think it would be fair to review that high without actually putting the product through its paces. My H2 should be coming in about 2 weeks, perhaps I'll have different opinions after that.

  • 5
    Great quality

    Published by Russell on 4th Sep 2020

    If you’re looking for the best stick on the market look no farther

  • 5
    Shikar minis. Two thumbs up

    Published by Unknown on 30th Aug 2020

    Really like if the minis. I just got a scout and a couple squirrel steps and initial impression is I’m digging it. I will say I prefer A flat strap or something similar compared to amsteel daisy chain for attaching to the tree. And for my scout and mini I prefer a cinch buckle strap. Just my preference though.

  • 5
    Crazy light

    Published by Alan Kowaleski on 13th Aug 2020

    Absolutely love theses sticks. Super easy to set up. They pack very well. I’ve had 3 top brands before this and I like theses the best. There worth every penny.

  • 2
    The Shikar 20" Stick

    Published by Clint Davis on 13th Aug 2020

    Ordered two 20” sticks. Once I fixed the one that was missing parts, they work as intended. One of the sticks had the lock nuts missing for holding on the knobs and it was missing the washers between the knob and stick. I also had to file the top step channel about 1/16” on each side so the step would fit onto the stick. Once I found some replacement washers, locknuts, and did some hand filing on the step, it worked correctly. I can understand the 1/16” milling issue, but I was disappointed with the missing parts. Ultimately, I feel like I was sent a stick from the leftovers bin to complete my order. Check your gear, be safe.

  • 5
    Climbing Stick

    Published by Bret Gasperecz on 7th Aug 2020

    Quality product well made

  • 5
    Shikar sticks

    Published by Stephen Porter on 7th Aug 2020

    Both the product and the company are outstanding , from helping me get gear at short notice and save my season, to super flexible shipping and even refunding money as I paid too much OOAL have been outstanding .

    The products are crazy light with best in class build quality . We trust our life’s with climbing gear so it needs to be the best , This is .

  • 5
    Shikar Climbing Stick

    Published by Mark Blazejak on 2nd Aug 2020

    First year saddle hunting and knew immediately I needed a good set of sticks. Was able to test 5 different types of sticks and the Shikar was by far the best. Love how they fold down and pack together so well when folded down. Favorite thing by far is how they flex on the tree and allow you to get into basically any tree you want. Wouldn’t recommend any other stick besides these!

  • 5
    Standard Length Shikar with 5/8 Mini Strap

    Published by Will Rankin on 1st Aug 2020

    Just got these sticks in a couple days ago and by the time I put the fourth one on the tree I had the hang of it. Super easy to use, super lightweight and packable, quality beyond my expectations. Matt is an awesome guy to deal with and offered me a lot of help when choosing my setup. I have fairly short legs but with four of the 17” sticks and a versa aider as recommend by Matt, I got a solid 20-22 feet in a tree on my first go. I’d recommend these products to anybody.

  • 5
    Super Light Very Strong!

    Published by Adrian Perez on 26th Jul 2020

    Ordered my first one to see if the hype matched their product and I am blown away at how light their steps are. I have placed another order. It does take awhile for them to ship (nothing to complain about) which they state on their page and it is worth the wait. Their customer service is top notch! I had questions and received a direct phone call and email. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to test this out this year.

  • 5
    Shikars 20"

    Published by James D Simpson on 22nd Jul 2020

    These things are tiny! Two stack together very nicely. I'll be running two on each side of my pack. Great product!

  • 5
    22” Shikar and scout

    Published by Austin on 19th Jul 2020

    Solid product from a solid company. Good customer service, and the sticks are on point. If you want to get serious about saddle hunting, this is the gear you want.

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