Saddle Hunting 101

Saddle Hunting 101 With OOAL

Hunting Saddles, Platforms, Climbing Sticks, One Sticks and more.

Looking to get into saddle hunting this upcoming season and not sure where to start? We're here to help. Check back here as we update our Saddle Hunting 101 section with new content, FAQs and how-to videos on saddle hunting big game animals across the United States. 

Benefits of saddle hunting.

Extremely Lightweight Tree Saddles: Hunting Saddles are lightweight, making you more mobile. Perfect for the Public Land Owner! Make sure to check out our new one stick setups and lightweight climbing sticks for the ultimate lightweight hunting pack.

Little to no noise: With a tree saddle, you don’t get the noise typically associated with pulling up tree stands.

Hunters Safety: While there have been lots of hunters who have fallen from conventional tree stands, when saddle hunting you are tethered to the tree from the moment you leave the ground until you step back on it after the hunt, making it almost impossible to fall.

Tons to choose from: There are a variety of hunting saddle manufacturers that make a great affordable hunting saddle.

Benefits of the one stick climbing method.

The one stick climbing method for saddle hunting has major advantages over using multiple tree stand climbing sticks. From the lack of weight to less gear clutter and noise, One sticking is a great climbing method for both saddle hunters and tree stand hunters looking to stay efficient, mobile, and light.

Weight Savings: One of the biggest reasons most hunters switch to the one stick climbing method is because of the weight savings. Depending on where and how you hunt, saving those extra pounds/ounces can be important.

Less Noise: Less gear means less chance for unwanted noise. Stealth strip a B.O.B. or SH1KAR and pair it with a 3 step aider and there won't be a tree you can't conquer.

Climb Higher: While not always necessary, the one stick climbing method will let you climb higher to saddle hunt. The only limit is the amount of tree you have to climb or the amount of safety rope you brought with you.