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HUSH Lock-On Tree Stand

Bigger and lighter, the HUSH lock-on tree stand is perfect for the mobile hunter looking for a bigger tree stand with weight savings and comfort. With a 17in x 24in platform, the HUSH offers plenty of standing room, even for the bigger guys. Weighing in at 8.2 pounds, the HUSH is light and packable with the ability to pack 17" SHIKAR sticks attached to the platform. 

Download the HUSH user manual here.

HUSH Lock-On Tree Stand Specs

  • Platform Size: 17" x 24"
  • Seat Dimensions: 6" x 11"
  • Seat Height: 21"
  • Weight, No Attachments: 8.2 lbs
  • Holds 17" SHIKAR climbing sticks on platform for packing into hunting areas.  

Why the HUSH over the AMBUSH or TS1?

The HUSH is a balance between lightweight and versatility with comfort. At only 8.2 pounds, the HUSH can be carried anywhere and used on virtually any tree. The HUSH also offers more seat and platform space than the smaller AMBUSH.

What types of climbing sticks will the HUSH hold?

The HUSH treestand will accommodate all OOAL standard climbing sticks and one sticks. You can also attach other brand of climbing sticks as well.


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12 Reviews
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    Published by Kamran Saxena on 22nd Dec 2023

    After owning the stand since 2021, I have waited to write a review. I am 5'7" 150lbs so I do not need a lot of stand, this one accommodates me perfectly. It is at a decent price but has exceptional quality. I have hunted many hours in it and have hunted a few crazy trees like you would see in an advertisement. The stand hangs with ease and totally secure. It is at a good weight even for a mile walk. If I was much larger than I am I could see where you would need more room for your rear end. And if I had larger feet I I could see where another half inch up to inch and a half would be beneficial for your platform either side and out. But being machines aluminum and not cast it is more than structurally sound and you would be adding more weight. I have zero complaints for my self and more than likely will not be purchasing another mobile set up stand. I use the shikari 17" sticks with an 18" cable aider to climb. But before they had the fixed sticks I modified mine to stack together even at that I hold them to the stand with ease with a bungy or my lineman's rope. I am very impressed with all of OOAL products.

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    Published by concreteninja1990 on 26th Oct 2022

    This is hands down the best mobile treestand in the market. This thing is lightweight and bites like a rabid dog to any tree! Pair it with a set of shikars and it's the ultimate run n gun setup

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    Easy Set Up

    Published by Max S on 13th Jan 2022

    I haven’t hunted out of the hush but have set it up a few times in the backyard. Very easy to set up. The no toe hook “issue” is non existent. Just press down and cam over and it’s rock solid.

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    Hush Treestand

    Published by Andrew Brooks on 2nd Jan 2022

    Love the treestand itself and we’ll thought out. However, when I first received my stand the post on it was crooked and had to send it back. Sent it back with OOAL saying that I would be reimbursed or store credit for shipping costs but haven’t received either. The stand came back to me with a new post and I love it so far. Haven’t gotten to hunt out of it yet but I have hung it in a tree in the yard a couple times and it works perfect. Not to mention the weight savings in my setup is a huge upgrade.

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    Hush Stand

    Published by Charles Gholson on 29th Sep 2021

    Since I primarily hunt public land, I was looking for a lightweight stand that was extremely packable. The Hush has exceeded my expectations. While the shelf isn't huge for storing something, I love having my seat up and out of the way for walking through brush and climbing over things. Overall the leveling mechanism is much quieter and easier to fine tune than my previous stands. There is no need to toe hook this stand as it grabs the tree hard just by pushing down on the seat and pulling the strap tight. I am 6'1", and the size is just right. The taller seat post helps the stand to feel bigger. I have the new cushion and would highly recommend it for all day sits, but the seat is much for comfortable than it looks. I have done several 3 hour sits with no cushion. I was blessed to take a nice public land buck out of the stand. I placed it in a tiny gnarly tree and performed great. For the money this is definitely one of the top mobile stands on the market.

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    Hush… five stars

    Published by Cory H on 1st Sep 2021

    Great light weight, compact, very well built mobile stand. Micro adjustment platform is an industry leader. Comparable stands are in the $500+ range. Couldn’t be happier with the product and the customer service

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    Published by Joe J on 23rd Jul 2021

    Great stand light. Packs really nice with hawk helium’s flat to my back. I give it 8 out of 10 only negative didn’t get a tree strap in package. 4 hawk helium’s and stand in right around 20 pounds.

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    Lightweight maneuverability

    Published by KEVIN SHAFFER on 27th Jun 2021

    Tried it on 2 different trees this week and really thought it was easy setup. I only did it from ground level, but it should be pretty easy from 10 to 25 feet high. Adjustability of the platform and seat were pretty easy overall. I stood in the stand and it was rock solid as I am 220 pounds. The only issue I saw was when adjusting the platform you need to be careful clanking as the pin would stick slightly, but I will see if it can take a little lube. I will definitely get a seat cushion for it as I tend to do all day hunts in different locations. I am excited to pack up with skikars attached to the stand this fall!

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    Hush Stand

    Published by Kreg Griffith on 26th Jun 2021

    This Stand is what most hunters need in their truck at all times to be able to hang a new set when chasing a mature buck this stand is not only lite weight but the seat is adjustable to fit the angle of the tree . That makes this very comfortable. Recommend this stand for every bowhunter that wants to get deeper in on public land or just be more comfortable for a weekend hunt.

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    Hush Stand

    Published by Derek on 4th Jun 2021

    Despite smaller than traditional dimensions for a hang on, this stand is quite roomy once you step into it. Weighed in at advertised weight as well. The stand bites great and does not require the typical cam lock, but just a slight cam. The leveling technology is nice because it’s simple to do without stepping off the stand. The seat levels quickly and isn’t too bad for just a brief sit, but a simple cushion will make it comfortable enough for a bit longer sit time. Being a stander, I like that the seat doesn’t take up much room when left down. The grip is phenomenal and the stand is built well while still coming in around 8lbs. It’s a great price for the top quality and second to none customer service available. Call and talk to Matt if you have any questions at all!