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The Podium Saddle Hunting Platform.

Weighing in at exactly 3 pounds is our first saddle hunting platform, the “Podium.” Solely made from aluminum and coated in a soft polyester finish, this incredibly lightweight platform is sure to be quiet on even the coldest days. Thanks to the two knobs located on the underside of this saddle hunting platform, you are able to level the “Podium” front to back to ensure a solid and stable set at all times. Included with the “Podium” is a strong, heavy duty pull strap to help secure the platform quickly and quietly. Note: 300LB Weight Limit!

Advantages Of Saddle Hunting

  • Extremely Lightweight Tree Saddles: Tree Saddles are lightweight, making you more mobile. Perfect for the Public Land Owner!
  • Little to no noise: With tree saddle, you don’t get the noise typically associated with pulling up tree stands.
  • Hunters Safety: While there have been lots of hunters who have fallen from conventional tree stands, when saddle hunting you are tethered to the tree from the moment you leave the ground until you step back on it after the hunt, making it almost impossible to fall.


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41 Reviews
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    Published by Justin Howell on 20th Aug 2022

    Great platform. It bites the tree perfectly. With no fiddle factor. It is rock solid as well. I like the shape of it. It really allows you to get your feet right on awkward weak side shots. A perfect design.

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    First saddle hunting platform

    Published by Unknown on 25th Aug 2021

    For its size it’s real light weight. It’s got a great platform size that gives you plenty of room to adjust and change positions. The platform is coated with a type of skid resistant coating which is helpful. I’ve used it maybe 20 times now practicing for this coming season, but I enjoy it so far. It fits fine on the outside of my pack and the strap that comes with it is overkill for any tree you’ll ever set up on. It’s takes a few times to figure out the proper tension that you need on the strap to get the right hold to the tree, but once it’s there it stays there. It really digs into the bark. I’ll try to give an update during the season.

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    Podium Platform

    Published by Mikeinswva on 15th Jan 2021

    I'm 62 years old and started saddle hunting for the first time this recent deer season . After researching different platforms I settled on the Podium based on cost, product warranty and ease of use. I used it on different types of trees with all kinds of bark and this platform held solidly on every one. I highly recommend this platform for anyone looking to get into saddle hunting. Great customer service comes with it for free!

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    Published by Dustin Boman on 6th Dec 2020

    My 1st year saddle hunting and I purchased the podium for light weight and size of the platform. It exceeded my expectations as I took 2 bucks out of the set up this year. I’m very happy with my purchase.

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    Amazing platform

    Published by J. Ray on 3rd Dec 2020

    I own a couple of platforms. This is by far my favorite. I carry this things with me in the woods every time I head out. I’m 6’4”, 265ish. The Podium is rock solid and super fast to install. Handles all the side pressure I can put on it with no problems. I absolutely love it and will be buying a second to put my son on.

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    The Podium Platform

    Published by Jordan on 30th Nov 2020

    Great platform, very easy to hang, easy to level, comfortable, no movement, and super super light, would be cool if there was some sort of backpack designed for y’all’s platform.

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    The podium

    Published by Luke Evans on 29th Nov 2020

    This is a great product if you only ever set up on a perfectly round, bark free telephone pole. It really doesn’t bite very well into trees of irregular shape and large size. It works fine but it will come loose and slip if you put any kind of real side pressure on it. Additionally, the mesh on the podium is not adequate. I bought it in October and I have little over 100 hours on it and it’s already all dented in. The owner of the company seems like a good guy and he was very accommodating to my requests. I paid about $160 with shipping and everything.... I’d recommend it if you could get it for more like $100.

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    Pretty Good

    Published by Weswes on 22nd Nov 2020

    I’m a first time hunter, decided to go with a saddle and was looking at alternative pieces that are quality. Saw this platform and thought I’d give it a try. It’s sturdy, easy to get set up, and fits in my pack alright. I’ve never used another platform so I can’t really say if I prefer it over another, but it works, and it was relatively affordable compared to others out there.

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    Podium Platform

    Published by Drake Dury on 8th Nov 2020

    The platform is great and easy to pack in and out. The only thing I would suggest to change is on the places you hook the strap up to I would put something on to hold the strap better when strap is lose and your fiddling with it in the tree.

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    Solid Platform

    Published by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2020

    I've been using this platform with my saddle setup and to hunt ducks in the timber. It gives me a solid seat in the timber hunting ducks and it is a stable platform for taking weak side shots with my bow. The expanded metal is aggressive enough so I don't slip at all but not to aggressive that I can't sit on it while duck hunting.

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