A Buyer's Guide To Climbing Sticks

A Buyer's Guide To Climbing Sticks

Published by Matthew Garis on 17th Aug 2022

A buyer’s guide to selecting the right climbing sticks for your hunting style.

Today’s market offers hunters more options than ever when selecting climbing sticks for traditional tree stands or saddle hunting. Hell, we offer 7 different models, including one-sticks with over 1,000 custom combinations.

Whether you’re looking to hunt from a saddle platform, one-stick or lock-on, there’s a set of climbing sticks out there for every hunting situation.

How do I know what climbing sticks are right for me?

  • What’s Your Preference
  • The height you would like to climb
  • Stand / Tree Location
  • Public / Private Land
  • Mobility Factors

#1 Let’s start with what you prefer to climb with.

Ask yourself. What do I prefer to climb with? What are you comfortable climbing with? The reality is not everyone is meant for one-sticking and not everyone wants to carry 4 additional climbing sticks. Nor do some feel safe using only one stick. Fears of heights can be real even amongst the manliest of men…

Hunting with sticks you prefer and are comfortable with will make you set up faster and quieter. Practice makes perfect, so if you’re looking to utilize the one stick climbing method, start learning in the spring and summer.

Hunter’s looking for lightweight, traditional climbing sticks for tree stands or saddle hunting check out the SHIKAR, SHIKAR FXD and BIG BOY sticks.

Saddle hunters looking to utilize the lightweight and mobility of the one-stick will want to look at our SHIKAR Mini, B.O.B., BIG B.O.B and SH1KAR.

#2 How high do you climb?

The height you plan to climb trees can have a major impact on how many sticks you need to reach your desired height. I say can because someone utilizing the one stick method can obviously go as high as they want with the one stick.

I know guys that will hunt 8 feet off the ground and others who get close to 30, it can make a difference. How tall you are will also come into play. Most hunters around 6’ and 4 Shikar sticks can get anywhere from 20’ – 25’.

Climbing sticks from various manufacturers will also come in different lengths. Know how high you would like to climb and seek out the longest and lightest option if selecting multiple sticks.

Out On A Limb MFG climbing sticks come in different lengths, add a 1, 2 or 3 step  aider for added length with a minimal weight penalty.

#3 What type of property are you hunting?

When hunting deer leases or property that you own, you don’t typically have to worry about tree stand and stick regulations or thieves. This can be a huge factor in choosing climbing sticks as they don’t have to be broken down and taken with you every time. While a person can become proficient with the one-stick climbing method, there is something to say about simplicity of showing up and climbing into a pre-hung set.

Public landowners who want to save weight and be mobile may want to investigate the one-stick climbing method. Gaining popularity, this method is ultralight and great for run and gun public land hunting. This method takes some practice so learning in the offseason is imperative.

Tip: One-sticks can be expensive; Facebook has a variety of saddle hunting groups where a hunter can probably find someone to let them try theirs out before buying. Who knows, you may find another hunting partner.

#4 How mobile do you plan on being?

Mobility to use in the whitetail woods doesn’t only mean ultralight, it’s being quiet too. If you are looking for a lightweight, quiet setup to do more “run and gun” whitetail hunting, ultralight sticks or a one stick will be right up your alley.

Proficient one-stickers can be up a tree in no time flat and with little to no noise. The same could be said for some with traditional climbing sticks as well, but for all practical purposes, less gear is generally less noise and weight. Being a mobile hunter, you need both.

One sticks can weigh anywhere from 2.5 – 5 lbs when fully rigged with accessories, aiders etc. A full set of lightweight climbing sticks will run from 4 – 6 lbs. This of course is dependent on the number of climbing sticks in your set.

Tip: Stealth strips are used among a lot of hunters to quiet their climbing sticks.

One-Stick Climbing Method Pros + Cons

  • Single sticks are heavier than traditional climbing sticks but are lighter than the overall set of sticks used to achieve the same height.
  • The ultimate climbing method for mobility and saddle hunters.
  • Can attach saddle platforms to top.
  • Can climb virtually any tree no matter the curvature or characteristics that make traditional sticks or tree stands impossible.
  • Can add aiders for extra step length.
  • Typically, less expensive than a full set of sticks.
  • Big learning curve compared to traditional tree stand climbing sticks.

Traditional Climbing Stick Pros + Cons

  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Not for use on all trees.
  • Makes for more comfortable tree climbing.
  • Heavier than the one stick climbing method.
  • Typically, more expensive than buying a one-stick climbing stick.
  • While still not as compact, newer climbing sticks are designed to be stacked to offer hunters easier methods of transporting them.

If you have any questions about saddle hunting gear, our products or hunting in general, shoot us an email at

Featured Climbing Sticks From Out On A Limb


SHIKAR Climbing Sticks

The lightest, most packable tree stand climbing stick on the market! The SHIKAR lightweight climbing sticks are designed specifically for the run and gun bow hunter! Weighing only 24oz, the SHIKAR is the new standard in lightweight climbing sticks for mobile, run-and-gun bow hunting. With 90 degree rotating standoffs, you can mount them on any tree making saddle hunting a breeze.

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BIG B.O.B. One Stick Climbing Stick

For those looking for a deeper platform to saddle hunt from, The BIG B.O.B. is your answer. Equipped with a drag up cable handle, the BIG B.O.B. is easy to utilize with the one-stick climbing method.

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1, 2 or 3 Step Climbing Stick Aider

These Climbing Stick Aiders are made specifically for the SHIKAR series climbing sticks.

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