Should You Start Saddle Hunting?

Should You Start Saddle Hunting?

Published by Matt Garris on 24th Dec 2022

Should I Start Saddle Hunting Article by Out On A Limb MFG

Should you start saddle hunting?

Anyone who is looking to become more mobile hunting whitetails should definitely entertain  saddle hunting and try it out. Especially if someone at your deer lease has a saddle hunting setup you can try. Like just about everything, saddle hunting won't be for everyone and by no means should you ditch your tree stands and solely saddle hunt. Tons of people do this, but we've got plenty of sets where a lock-on tree stand works just fine and will continue to. 

What do you need to start saddle hunting? 

With ample amounts of quality saddle hunting gear available on the market, hunters now have more options than ever when creating their saddle setup. With many saddle hunting packages available, you can also piece together your kit with products from different brands. 

The must haves.

Notable mentions.

Benefits of saddle hunting.

Lightweight Tree Saddles: Hunting Saddles are lightweight, making you more mobile. Perfect for the Public Land Owner! Make sure to check out our new one stick setups and lightweight climbing sticks for the ultimate lightweight hunting pack.

Minimal Noise: With a tree saddle, you don’t get the noise typically associated with pulling up tree stands.

Hunters Safety: While there have been lots of hunters who have fallen from conventional tree stands, when saddle hunting you are tethered to the tree from the moment you leave the ground until you step back on it after the hunt, making it almost impossible to fall.

Plenty of Saddle Options: There are a variety of hunting saddle manufacturers that make a great affordable saddle