Selecting the right tree stand

Selecting the right tree stand

Published by Matthew Garis on 11th Aug 2022

Selecting the right tree stand, your buyer's guide.

Now more than ever, hunter’s have more options to choose from when it comes to tree stands. Whether you’re looking to hunt from a climber, lock-on or ladder stand, there’s a perch out there for just about every situation.

How do I know what tree stand is right for me?

  • What’s Your Preference
  • Stand / Tree Location
  • Public / Private Land
  • Mobility Factors

Not all trees are created equal.

How many times have you hit the woods and had a difficult time finding a good tree to hang a set in? Often, I am sure. Climbing and ladder stands will not work in all, and some are questionable for lock-ons. The terrain and available trees will play a huge role in selecting the right stand for your mobile setup or deer lease.

What tree stand do you prefer?

Ask yourself. What do I prefer to hunt from and what am I most comfortable hunting in? Being comfortable in a tree when it comes time to take the shot makes all the difference. If heights aren’t your thing, a ladder stand may be more you style or if you specifically deer hunt.

What type of property are you hunting?

When hunting deer leases or property that you own, you don’t typically have to worry about tree stand regulations or thieves. This can be a huge factor in choosing deer stands as they don’t have to be broken down and taken with you every time.

Our LS1 ladder stands are perfect for hunters looking for ample room and a stand they can leave out all season long.

How mobile do you plan on being?

If you are looking for a lightweight setup to do more “run and gun” whitetail hunting than a lock on or climber would be right up your alley. While saddle hunting has made a huge impression among a lot of  whitetail hunters, some just like traditional lock-on stands more. If you want to be a mobile tree stand hunter, then I would shy away from anything ladder.

Climbing stands can be a pain without ample practice. Therefore, most opt for a set of lightweight sticks and lightweight lock-on.

Our HUSH model lock-on tree stand is perfect for mobile hunters looking for an ergonomic, lightweight setup that allows the attachment of climbing sticks.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Tree Stands.

Lock-On Tree Stand Pros + Cons

  • Typically, lighter than climbers and ladder stands.
  • Great for mobile hunters who want to hunt from traditional tree stand.
  • Offers more foot room than saddle platforms.
  • Must carry climbing sticks to ascend trees.
  • Attach climbing sticks to lock on for mobility.
  • Some weigh as much as entire saddle setups.

Our suggested Model: The HUSH

Climbing Stand Pros + Cons

  • All in one stand makes it easier to manage your gear.
  • Faster to set up, assuming you have a good straight, clean tree.
  • Do not need climbing sticks to ascend the tree.
  • Usually has a bar that can get in the way of archery equipment.
  • Are typically very heavy compared to lock-ons and saddle setups.

Climbing Stands: Summit Viper

Ladder Stand Pros + Cons

  • Perfect for the deer lease or somewhere it can be left all season.
  • Extra room for gear and comfortability.
  • Great for getting kids into hunting from tree stands as safely as possible.
  • Easier to hunt two people from.
  • Extremely heavy to tote around, not mobile friendly.

Our Suggested Model: TS1 Ladder Stand

If you have any questions about tree stands for hunting big game, hunting gear, our products or hunting in general, shoot us an email at

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