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LS1 Ladder Stand

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LS1 Ladder Stand for Deer Hunting

Platform size - 29.5" X 36"

Platform height - 15' to platform

  • Lightweight Aluminum Design
  • Two adjustable brackets for easy hang in crooked trees
  • Durable outdoor folding seat
  • 3 piece ladder
  • adjustable feet for uneven ground


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1 Review
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    LS1 Ladder Stand

    Published by Roma Loudermilk on 9th Mar 2022

    First time I ever met the guys from Out On A Limb, they wanted me to try getting on one of their stands. Not that big a deal, except I weigh 400#s. I cautiously climbed up into their TS1 Tree Stand, only to be followed up by one of them. At that point, we had close, if not over, 600# on a lock on stand. Next thing you know, he's telling me to jump in and down. When I wouldn't, he did! Dang thing didn't even move. A couple of years later I see them again and they have this new ladder stand and they pull me to the side and say, we've been waiting on you to try this ladder stand. I'm all in, becausecI already know what the TS1 is like, so I head up the ladder and not only is it solid with my 400# on it, it's got no flex and when I get to the top, it's like they built it for me. I'm a 400# guy, I wear a 5x tall shirt and have a 50" waist and I'm standing on a rock solid ladder stand that has tons of platform to keep me stable, a seat that does feel like it's gonna give under my weight and a ladder that's solid as a rock. It didn't even squeak under my weight. Trust me, if you're a giant of a man, if you're that Viking of a human being that dwarfs lesser men, this stand was meant for you. There need be no more standing at Bass Pro or Cabella's looking at their ladder and tree stand demos marked 350# and thinking you would die in one of them. The guys at Out on a Limb can safely put you in a tree and you need not worry about your equipmentcfailingcand you not making it home.

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