​Must have saddle hunting accessories

​Must have saddle hunting accessories

7th Aug 2022

Must have saddle hunting accessories for deer season.

Safety, organization and packability are the first things that come to mind when planning a hunt. An ascender will keep you safe when climbing to hang your set. Gear lanyards and bags will help keep you organized, and a good backrest will help ensure you can make all day sits. Throw in a climbing stick aider and you’ve got the ultimate one-stick set up or the abilities to hang your stand a couple extra feet.

As hunting season approaches, and we think of the last-minute things we need to hit the woods saddle hunting this fall it’s hard not to wonder. Am I missing anything? Whether it’s a day hunt down the road or a whitetail trip a few states away, you can never be too prepared.

Top accessories for saddle hunters.

Gear Hanger For Bows and hunting gear

Gear lanyard for saddle hunting.

While some hunter’s lean towards the minimalistic side, most of us carry more gear than we care to admit and a lanyard for all your saddle hunting gear is almost a requirement. Great for anyone, tree stand hunters too. Gear lanyard will help keep anyone organized in the tree.

Don’t let a lack of organization be the cause of a missed shot opportunity. Have your gear always prepared and ready utilizing a gear lanyard that wraps around the tree.

These lanyards are typically light as well for all you gram weenies out there.

Ascenders for saddle hunting.

Who doesn’t love a safety net? For the longest time hunters have been utilizing prusik knots in climbing ropes for safety against falls. While a tried a true method, prusik knots can be a pain for some and others just like to make things simple.

Ergo, the KONG Duck Ascender. Probably one of the most popular saddle hunting accessories to hit the market. These ascenders make climbing trees a breeze and offer the same security from falls that prusik knots have been providing for years.

These ascenders utilize teeth to bite the rope to keep it from slipping through, and with the simple push or toggle of the lever you can “ascend” without having to worry about any prior tension put on the rope.

JX3 Hybrid Hunting Saddle With Headrest

Best back rest for saddle hunting.

There are back rests and then there is the JX3 Hybrid. Throughout the years, tree saddle manufacturers have been engineering new products to make hunting from a saddle more comfortable. Fast forward a couple of years and now most tree saddle companies are producing their own backrest, most of which like one another.

Companies who make back rests for saddle hunting.

  • JX3 Hybrid Saddle W/Built In Backrest
  • Backwoods Mobile Gear
  • TX5
  • Cruzr
  • Trophyline
  • Aero Hunter

If you are uncomfortable saddle hunting out of your current setup and are looking for a back rest, look at the JX3 Hybrid hunting saddle. Switching to this all-in-one saddle hunting setup may be better for you.

Being comfortable means more time in the stand, which means more bucks on the ground. We’ve taken multiple bucks from the JX3 Hybrid over the past couple of years. Paired with our new B.O.B. one stick, you can sit comfortably all day.

Single Climbing Stick Aider For Saddle Hunting

Climbing stick aiders for saddle hunting.

Whether you’re utilizing the one stick climbing method or are just looking to get higher up in the tree.  Climbing stick aiders are a great accessory that all saddle hunters can utilize. With custom steps and length options, hunters are sure to find the perfect fit for their climbing style.

Things to consider when selecting climbing stick aiders.

  • How high will you be climbing.
  • Your style of climbing; one-sticking, set of sticks…
  • Total weight you want to haul.
  • Type of tree you will be climbing.

Want to know more about what climbing stick aiders can offer you? Check out our frequently asked questions on climbing stick aiders here.

Gear bags for mobile hunters.

Why are gear bags a must for mobile hunters? Because staying organized could mean tagging the buck of a lifetime or not. Roughly 80% of hunters carry to much gear, 10ish percent don’t carry enough and the rest are carrying camera gear. All those stats are made up, but you get the point.

You must stay organized while being mobile. Not having gear organized and readily accessible will at some point hamper your hunter opportunities.

Cell Phone Camera Arm For Saddle Hunting

Self-filming gear for saddle hunters.

For the “rest that carry camera gear”. Ultralight, packable self-filming camera gear like cell phone camera arms and our new Waypoint are great for those looking to relive their hunt, or the die-hard saddle hunter working on content for their YouTube channel.

Lightweight filming gear for hunting.

If you are looking for camera gear that supports normal sized cameras and recorders, you can check out our models like The Reach or Vantage Point.

Select your gear wisely.

Don’t get overwhelmed by gear choices. Get what you need to stay safe and organized. Take the things you need and focus on the hunt!

If you have any questions about saddle hunting gear, our products or hunting in general, shoot us an email at

Matthew Garis