To climbing stick aider or not?

To climbing stick aider or not?

19th Apr 2022

On the fence as to whether you need an aider? We are here to help solve that. Whether you are one-sticking or hanging traditional lock-ons, climbing stick aiders can be a huge help, or hindrance if you don't really need them.

What are climbing stick aiders for?

Climbing stick aiders are used to help you get higher in the tree using single climbing stick, or multiples if needed. Hunters not utilizing the one-sticking climbing method still use aiders, typically on the bottom stick and bottom step only.

Who are climbing stick aider for?

Climbing stick aiders are designed anyone looking to get higher up in the tree with a lighter load. These aiders help you get higher in the tree with less and lighter equipment. Used often with the one stick climbing method or paired with a bottom step for regular tree stand sets.

What sticks do your climbing stick aiders fit?

Out On A Limb MFG, LLC climbing stick aiders are designed to work with our SHIKAR, SHIKAR FXD, BIG BOY Sticks, B.O.B., BIG B.O.B. and other brand tree stand sticks used for tree climbing aids. If you would like an aider for different branded stick, please leave a note for us as attachment methods can vary.

How do I attach an aider to the climbing stick?

Our climbing stick aiders attach to Out On A Limb MFG, LLC sticks by placing the top loops over the outside(s) tips of the bottom climbing stick. Other branded climbing sticks may have a different attachment method.

How many steps do I need on my aider?

Every hunter is different when it comes to this. A person’s height and climbing style as well as desired stand height will determine which aider best suits your needs. Saddle hunters one-sticking may want to utilize the 3-step aider to get higher quicker, while someone who is just looking for a little extra may lean towards the 1 step.

Things to consider when choosing your aider.

  • How high will you be climbing.
  • Your style of climbing; one-sticking, set of sticks…
  • Total weight you want to haul.
  • Type of tree you will be climbing.

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