2022 Saddle Hunting Setup

2022 Saddle Hunting Setup

Published by Matthew Garis on 30th Nov 2022

2022 Saddle Hunting Setup

As saddle hunters, we are always looking for ways to fine tune our gear. Whether your objective is to shed pack weight in the offseason or add gear for a more comfortable sit, I thought I would share my own saddle hunting setup that I will be using again during the 22’ whitetail deer season.

Saddle hunting setup for whitetails.

A hybrid hunting saddle from JX3 Outdoors.

Not your conventional saddle. The JX3 Hybrid has treated me great. Great for the tree and ground game, the JX3 has made longer sits a lot more comfortable. This of course comes with a pretty big weight penalty, but when comfort is a priority, this saddle is amazing.

Platforms for saddle hunters.

Our most popular platform. The Ridge Runner 2.0 just flat out gets the job done as my go-to saddle hunting platform. A light platform with plenty of foot room, and the ability to handle side pressure, I never leave home without this platform.

Climbing sticks for saddle hunting.

One-sticking is becoming more popular every day as hunters go deeper and deeper into the woods. While a great climbing method, I still prefer to use a full set of sticks (4) for my whitetail sets. Most of my hunts are taking place on private land where distance isn’t an issue. Then there’s age…

Hunting accessories for saddle hunting.

Trying to keep things lightweight, I utilize our gear hangers on almost ever hunt. These, paired with Nite Ize gear aids make organizing your setup a breeze.

Ascenders for saddle hunting.

KONG  Duck ascenders are a great alternative to prusik knots. When you prioritize your tree stand climbing safety, an ascender is a must have tool in your saddle hunting kit.

Whitetails taken saddle hunting with this setup. 

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