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Ridge Runner XL Platform

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Ridge Runner XL... Our Largest Saddle Hunting Platform

Looking for a large saddle hunting platform? We've got you covered. The Ridge Runner XL saddle hunting patform is 15" wide and 14" deep. Our large saddle hunting platform comes with (1) 6ft Pull Strap.  Like the Podium and the original Ridge Runner, the XL is all aluminum and coated in a very durable anti-skid finish. This saddle hunting platform uses a cam over system with a pull strap much like the Podium.

The Ridge Runner XL will have a few improvements that will help make the entire setup quicker, quieter and even safer. The Ridge Runner XL is notched all along the circumference of the platform to increase traction and to help the overall ability. Another new feature will be the leveling system. Instead of using two individual knobs like the Podium, the Ridge Runner uses a single larger leveling knob for an easier adjustment.

"XL" Large Saddle Hunting Platform Freatures

  • 15" wide and 14" deep.
  • Comes with (1) 6 foot pull strap.


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15 Reviews
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    Dam near perfect

    Published by Great platform on 19th Dec 2021

    This platform is awesome, it has plenty of room to move your feet around and be comfortable. The only down falls I have found is the bolt that levels the platform is very big which is awesome but I can’t move it now after hunting for a month out of it. I am a fat guy so maybe that has something to do with it. The only other thing I don’t like is how it cams over, it’s pretty difficult to get it solid on the tree unless you have a smooth tree to climb. I’m probably going to use a ratchet strap instead of the strap that came with it so I don’t have to cam over. Other than those 2 flaws I love it, it is a very well built platform.

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    American made excellence

    Published by Tom Kelley on 26th Nov 2021

    I have been waiting to use the ridge runner xl because I bought another platform at the same time. But today I finally used my ridge runner xl and found out I should of tried this one first . I can stand on it, put 300 pounds of side pressure and all around pressure locks to the tree . It blows away the all of my other platforms . I'm new to saddle hunting and the ridge runner xl is my go to for now on. Thanks ooal!!

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    Ridge Runner XL

    Published by Scott on 12th Mar 2021

    Kind of an overlooked gem in XL platforms. They nailed it on platform size and because it doesn't use a post and bracket design like the others, the whole platform surface is usable when you stand and maneuver. While installation isn't as basic as the post and bracket method, the attachment system accommodates a larger selection of trunk sizes as well as providing more contact points with the tree. I've found it very secure. There is a gentle spring when the end of the platform is weighted, but it still feels very solid. My two criticisms are 1. It isn't purpose built for no stick climbing (there isn't a platform on the market that is) and 2. The leveling knob isn't turning quite as freely as it did when first purchased. I'm really happy I went Out On A Limb and picked up this off everyone's radar platform.

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    Ridge Runner XL

    Published by Shawn on 8th Mar 2021

    I would give it 5 stars but the attachment to the tree. It is hard to hang on the side of a tree and cam it over. Matt has been great and I love my sticks and the Scout, I just wish the XL had a different post to attach it to tree!

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    Ridge Runner XL

    Published by Chad Hepner on 13th Feb 2021

    Just started saddle hunting late this season and must say @ 6’3” 255 lbs and SZ 13 boots. Initially I was unsure about overall comfort or side pressure stability with my size feet and overall weight. If you’re a bigger framed guy, or just looking for a roomy platform. This is your saddle platform, ROCK SOLID dependable performance and comfort!

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    Ridge runner xl

    Published by Richie on 25th Dec 2020

    After looking into and deciding to get into saddle hunting, I spent a hours upon hours researching and decided to get the ridge runner Xl for the size. The first tree I sat in I couldn’t get it to sit perfect but was still comfortable. It would cock to one side or the other if shifted weight all to one corner. Since then I have sat on smaller trees with no issues and stable as a rock. 100% recommend

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    Ridge runner xl

    Published by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2020

    well designed product for saddle hunting... a little bulkier than some other brands but overall really good product

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    Ridge runner xl

    Published by Derreck simmons on 26th Nov 2020

    Had the smaller ridge runner that but the tree great but was a little small for my size 14’s. The xl has a longer post so it actually grips the tree better than the smaller version. I am a bit over 300# so there is a bit of flex in the platform but not on the bite to the tree. Love it

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    Ridge Runner XL

    Published by Unknown on 21st Nov 2020

    Very stable and surprisingly light for the size. It’s nice to have a platform that I can stand on with both feet, size 15 boots and I still have some room to maneuver.

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    Published by Brian on 7th Nov 2020

    The platform is great to hunt off of. I do have a complaint with the leveling screw. When I received the platform I could not screw in or out the leveling screw by hand. I had to use channel locks and it was still a challenge. I have added some anti seize and it has helped but still very hard for to thread in/out by hand.