Browse our one-stick climbing sticks for the ultralight saddle hunter. From the Big B.O.B. which is the ultimate one-stick to the ultralight Shikar Mini Stick, we've got a one-stick system for you hunting style. Combine a Monarch and Scout Platform for a top step on a SHIKAR climbing stick to make it a one-stick as well. As always, Out On A Limb's superior craftsmanship shows in our work. After all, our products are AMERICAN MADE! Originally designed for saddle hunters.

What is the lightest one-stick you offer?
Our SHIKAR Mini stick is going to be the smallest and lightest one-stick offered by OOAL. Weighing a mere 16 oz, you'll be hard pressed to find anything as stable and light.
Do the Harken Cam Cleats fit all OOAL One Sticks?
Yes. The Harken Cam Cleat will fit all one-sticks offered by OOAL. Please note the harken cam cleats are sold sepereately and add 2.5 ounces to the stick.
Are OOAL one-sticks adjustable in length?
No. Our one-sticks do not adjust in height. You can however choose from different post lengths when ordering. This option is available on the Slick Rick, Big B.O.B. and SH1KAR one-sticks.
Do I need full bury amsteel for one-sticking?
If utilizing a Harken 150 Cam Cleat, we suggest the 1/8" or 3/16" Full Burry Amsteel. If you are not using the Cam Cleat our 5/8" Mini Flat Straps work great to.
Do you manufacture an adjustable one-stick?
Our Slick Rick One-Stick offers saddle hunters and adjustable platform. This platform can be adjusted up and down up to 20 degrees. The overall length of the stick is NOT adjustable, only the platform.
Can regular climbing sticks be used as one-sticks?
Yes. We have many customers who have converted their Standard SHIKAR Sticks into one-sticks using our Lil' Joe Platform. The Monarch and Scout platforms can be used for this purpose as well.

Should you start saddle hunting?

Anyone who is looking to become more mobile hunting whitetails should definitely consider saddle hunting and try it out. Especially if someone at your deer lease has a saddle hunting setup you can try. Like just about everything, saddle hunting won't be for everyone and by no means should you ditch your tree stands and solely saddle hunt.
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