IGNITORS Lighted Knocks

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.244/.246 ID – GT/S NOCK SIZES


The Ignitor .244/.246 ID’s for GT & S Nocks are available in packs of 3 and in colors Green or Red. The packs provide completed Lighted Nocks that will fit the .244-.246 ID GT & S Nock sizes.

** Note:  Bond the insert into the shaft.   ** Press fit of the nock occurs inside our insert NOT THE ARROWS ID!  ** Nocks remain fully index-able!

Installation is Easy: Bond the insert into the arrow using common insert glue.  Place the Ultra LED in Nock & Slide nock into insert.  Nocks remain fully index-able!

Ignitors are available in 2 colors: Red or Green

The Red LEDs provide 15 hours of continuous light and the Green LEDs provide a whopping 50 hours of continuous light.

The Ultra LED lightsticks are removable & replaceable! When it is time to replace the LED lights, simply order a pack of replacement lights.  Also, LEDs can be removed during practice to conserve battery life.