"Hunt where you want, not where you can!"

Matt Garis CEO

"It is the most comfortable, and innovated I have ever seen."

Michael Harrell (Surrender Outdoors TV Show)

"This thing might just be one of the sturdiest Tree Stands made, and best of all, It's Oklahoma Made"

Roma Loudermilk

"Another great hunt in an Out On A limb Tree stand, Thanks Guys!"

Mark Hickman Sr.

"The most versatile, comfortable,strongest tool for any hunter to have in the field. If your not Out On A Limb then you're just a bump on a log!"

Kenneth Powers

TS1 Tree Stand





An adjustable hanging observation stand that will will allow you to rotate both left and right and forward and backwards to get you in that perfect spot you want.  Our strapping system will... Read More


OUR PRICE: $389.00

TS1 Bracket





The TS1 Bracket allows you have to have more than one observation area. Don't hassle with the removal of your bracket each time you want to move to a new observation area. Our bracket system allows... Read More


OUR PRICE: $199.00

Out on a Limb T-Shirt





If you're going to have the most versatile tree stand out on the market, It stands to reason you should have the best damn t-shirt to go along with it! These very soft and comfy tee's are the perfect... Read More


OUR PRICE: $20.00

Camera Arm





Our Out On A Limb Camera Arm is designed to mount at virtually any angle. With a built in micro adjuster for leveling and bubble level with ball bearing pivots. Our camera arm kit comes with (two)... Read More


OUR PRICE: $259.00

Tree Ladder 15' (Full package)





Our Out on a limb Tree Ladder is a 15 foot package that will meet your needs! This package includes 1 five foot base and five 2' sections all ball and pivots included, along with 7 ratchet straps.


OUR PRICE: $259.99

Addiction OBB





You'll never shoot a faster, smoother 34" ATA bow. The Addiction OBB will be tearing up the 3D course and is a great hunting bow as well! The Addiction is well balanced, smooth to draw and... Read More


OUR PRICE: $869.00

Phoenix XL





Our Phoenix is the smoothest drawing bow you'll ever shoot. With the effortless draw cycle and easy let down the Phoenix makes an incredible hunting and 3D bow. Deadly accurate and dead in... Read More


OUR PRICE: $959.00

Fusion 6





Description Not available yet.


OUR PRICE: $949.00

Final Cut





The "Final Cut competition shoot-thru" is our patented shoot thru system that is a true shoot thru competition bow. The Final cut is the first to offer all this new technology in one bow!


OUR PRICE: $1499.00


Jan 5-7, 2006

ATA Trade Show (Booth 1047)

Louisville, Kentucky Exposition Center

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